We LOVE skateboarding, and we love our skateboarding customers. So on June 23rd we are hosting a little get together at the shop with Strange Donuts and all of our skateboarding friends. Now for the bigger news, we worked up some Greatest Shop Ever magic on some decks and came up with two sick designs that'll launch on June 23rd. Now here is the best part about these decks, they're FREE when you exchange your old, tired ass, worn out deck you've been waiting to replace. You read that right, bring your old deck in and exchange it for one of our new decks without paying a dime. You know you want one, details about the exchange and how it works is conveniently found for your eye balls to take in on our new site tab.


We also have some dope limited run t-shirts for to go with our skate decks that will be available on National Go Skate Day on our site and in our store! Check em out!