Here are the rules:

  • Fill out Deck Exchange form
  • Bring form into the shop with your old deck for exchange
  • Receive a brand-spankin’ new Greatest Shop Ever Deck
  • Go enjoy your new deck
  • When your Greatest Shop Ever deck gets old and worn out, bring it in with the exchange form filled out for another Greatest Shop Ever deck!
  • The Greatest Shop Ever Deck Exchange program allows customers to exchange up to two outside brand decks per customer for Greatest Shop Ever Decks. Greatest Shop Ever Decks that are used and worn out can be exchanged for new Greatest Shop Ever Decks as many times as we have stock. Outside brand decks must be from quality and reputable manufacturers, no cheap crappy super-store decks, seriously don’t abuse the program. Greatest Shop Ever and its employees will reserve the right to judge if a customer is abusing the program and can refuse an exchange for any reason.